DVD Rental Software

Advanced EPOS Solutions

4POSRENTAL 2 Minute Setup

  Rental period

The number of days for a standard rental is set by default to 1. To change it use the Utilities menu, Configuration, Default rental period box.

The return time deadline is set in 24 hour format from Utilities menu, Configuration, Return time box with the format: HH:MM.
The rental duration may be changed during a rental by altering it on the rental box before selecting the items.

  Pricing and offers

The daily rental price for an inventory item is chosen from the 8 charge bands. They are set from the Utilities menu, Configuration, Charge bands.

The inventory items are allocated to a band when adding or amending (Inventory menu, New line, Amend).

There are several special offers available. To rent an item for return on the same day press F7.
To set up specific offers use the Toolbar, Special offers button.


The 1 key begins a rental and the 2 key a return. The F8 key can be used to return an item from a customer then automatically rent another to them.
The shortcut to add a new item is F5. The program status and daily overview is F12.


The receipt printer is just selected from the drop down in Utilities | Configuration | Receipts.

The Auto receipt drop down on that page is used to automatically print receipts after each transaction.

The receipt bye line specifies the text to appear at the foot of each receipt.

The logo checkbox will print a logo at the top of the receipt using the receipt.bmp image file in the 4POSRENTAL folder. Just amend or replace the file to suit.

Finally, the store heading is set from the Utilities menu, Store print heading.

The Utilities | Custom receipt may be used to customize the design for the store.

After each sale a tendered box is displayed with the receipt and invoice print buttons.

Typically receipt printers connect either by USB or Com port (traditional POS).
The receipt printer must first have been added as any Windows printer using the driver disc supplied with it.
Note that receipt printers require the exact printer driver for the specific model, do not use alternatives.
It is recommended a test page is printed (Start, Printers, Printer, Properties, Print Test Page).


Utilities | Configuration | Till configuration
A cash drawer is typically daisy chained from a receipt printer (RJ11 type connector) or less frequently connected directly to a serial port (Com port).

For receipt printer connected (daisy chained) drawers:
Utilities, Configuration, Receipts
Select the printer

Utilities, Configuration, Till configuration
Enter the 'Receipt printer connect control sequence'.
The sequence is specific to the receipt printer. The Epson TM T88 is: 27,112,48,55,121
Note that many receipt printers have two RJ11 sockets on the back, one for the cash drawer, the other for a pole display. Ensure the one marked DK is used for the cash drawer.

For direct connect drawers, which are connected directly to one of the computers serial (COM) ports the 'Open character' is the character sent to the port (which pulses the solenoid latch and opens it).
Many till units will operate with any character, some require a specific code (a frequent one is 7).

There are more detailed setup notes and codes here.

The Epson download site may be found here